How To Get Unstuck – Dear Future Self

Do you daydream about living a better life or feel frustrated with our current life circumstances? As busy working adults we sometimes tend to feel stuck with busy overscheduled calendars filled with work, appointments, and kid activities. The same routine can sometimes feel like the movie “Ground Hogs Day” where Bill Murray keeps repeating the same day over and over. One thing I need to constantly remind myself is that “You are Never Stuck.” I repeat, you have more control over your emotions, reactions than you actually realize.

Throw that hopeless exhausted feeling in the trash because I had an easy quick exercise you can do in order to shift your perspective and you get you on track to a life you love waking up to.



So, how do you actually shake the feeling when you’re checking the calendar for the day and don’t even see a window of time to eat dinner? The answer will cost you nothing but will have a big impact on your life and emotions for how you feel about your circumstances. Get out actually paper and pen and put your phone away. You will be writing a letter to your future self either for 5, 10, or 15 years ahead. I prefer to do 5 years ahead since I can easily visualize what I want my life to look like. Write about your typical perfect day, how you good you are feeling, what you’d love your home to feel like, hobbies you enjoy, anything that you want to have in your life that makes you feel good! Write it in the present tense so that you know it will be true and keep the letter when you’re finished. I wrote to my future 5 year self and have the letter next to my bed so I can reread it about once a week and refer to it often. After reading it at the end of a long day, I feel lighter, more optimistic and can easily see where I need to take action in my life. I recommend to hand write it out versus typing so that you’re able to remember it more clearly.

You are never stuck and can create the life of your dreams if you know where you’re going. So block out 15 minutes in your busy calendar and start writing to you future self, you won’t regret it.