1 on 1 Facebook Training

The Easiest Way to Learn How to Utilize Social Media

Do you have questions on how to use Facebook? Are you not sure what questions to even ask or what to click on next? Would you like Facebook assistance 1 on 1?

If you would like to become comfortable with navigating the site and popular terms. hire us for a session which is personalized just for you.

Sessions are 2 hours in length and includes:

  • A personalized consultation with Nickie where we look at your account and profile.
  • Walk through any questions you may have.
  • Ensure your Privacy and Account Settings are complete. This way you will know who can view your information.
  • Check out what options you can customize in the future.¬†Your own personal printed binder for future reference.

    To book your 2 hour session, email Socialclubsimple@gmail.com today! You will receive a response within 48 hours.

    Facebook is one of the largest websites online today and is used by millions of people. With so many options to click on, users can feel overwhelmed on what to do next. The social media site is increasingly popular with seniors since families and friends are spread throughout the world and it’s an easy way to stay in touch. The day of letters and phone calls only have been incorporated with Facebook, just like an online scrapbook wherever you have an internet connection.