Below is the full schedule of our upcoming in-person training workshops throughout the Twin Cities Metro.

  • Online Safety: Protect Your Information, Lenox Center, St. Louis Park  
    Tuesday, March 12 @4 PM – 5:30PM (Call 763-509-5000 to register)

    Learn the top essentials for keeping your information safe while you are online. The internet is a powerful and useful too, but should be used with some basic precautions. We’ll go over how how to protect yourself, your family and devices so that you leave the class with an action plan for staying out of cyber crimes way.

  • LinkedIn Basics, Hopkins Library, Hopkins 
    Tuesday, March 26 @5:30 PM – 7PM (Call 612-543-6400 to register)

    This beginner class will cover everything you need know about
    the professional networking site, LinkedIn. You’ll learn how the
    site focuses on your professional world, allowing you to build a
    network in just a few clicks. Learn to connect with past and current
    colleagues, increase your number of business connections, network
    within industries, discuss business ideas, search for jobs and more!

  • Amazon 101, Shoreview Community Center  
    Saturday, April 6 @10 AM – 11AM (Call 651-490-4700 to register)

    Want to learn more about In this training workshop, we will cover the basics of buying on Amazon, the Amazon Prime subscription service, and more. Students will learn the basics and understand how Amazon can help them in the current “Digital Age.” No computer experience required.

  • Twitter 101, Lenox Center, St. Louis Park
    Thursday, April 25 @4 PM – 5:00 PM  (Call 952-928-6444 to register)

    Have you been curious as to what Twitter is exactly? In this class we’ll go over all the basics you need to know about one of the largest social media platforms in the world. You’ll learn how to create a profile, read what others are saying, how to send a Tweet, and more. Whether you are just curious as an observer or you would like to become a user yourself, this is the class you need to stay to up to date in today’s digital world.

  • Social Media 101, Shoreview Community Center  
    Saturday, April 27 @10 AM – 11AM (Call 651-490-4700 to register)

    What is your #1 question on social media? We’ll cover this and more! This class will go over step-by-step basics for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. Common questions and insights on social media will be reviewed so that you’re up to date on the latest buzz words and topics. Come and learn to share, search and connect and leave social media savvy as ever! No prior experience required.

  • Uber 101, Shoreview Community Center  
    Saturday, May 18 @10 AM – 11AM (Call 651-490-4700 to register)

    Do you hate to drive in bad weather or when it’s dark outside? Expand your transportation options and independence through the ride sharing service, Uber. 

    In this training workshop, students will learn the basics and gain the knowledge on how to use Uber if needed. No experience required and training materials will be provided for each attendee.