Social Club Simple was created to help solve a need between technology and the user experience with social media. Before I stumbled upon this passion, I first started helping out my family members with questions on how to use social media. Next, I started volunteering at a local senior apartment housing complex and kept answering the same questions over and over while loving every minute of it! Seriously, it was so much fun!

Social media has the power to connect and I’ve seen what the positive benefits are for seniors who are unable to drive or may have family members and friends who live far away. Our mission at Social Club Simple is to make social media easy to understand and use so that seniors are able to stay connected to their loved ones.

Do you have questions or comments on our website? Please contact us at socialclubsimple @ gmail.com.

Every single person has a unique learning style so I strive to make technology useful to understand for all, bringing out the benefits of an area that is changing at such a rapid pace for all age levels. My educational background includes a B.A. in Communication Studies from Iowa StateUniversity, Toastmasters and continuous professional development.