How To See a Politician’s Communication on Twitter

One thing that always intrigues me is how much technology can change the way individuals communicate with one another. If you think back in history, when we started using the internet, it created a transparency with information that we really had never experienced before. We no longer needed the giant Yellow Page phone book any longer because we could just look something up online with a click of a button.

Today this transparency also transpires with communication through social media. You can simply go online to any social media platform, like Twitter, and instantaneously see what a company, non-profit, organization, or individual has to say to the rest of the world. No longer confined to newspapers, radio or TV, it’s a direct communication out to everyone. Oh wow, what a shift we are experiencing! 

Today we’re taking a look at how specifically communication is used through Twitter, from local, national and global politicians. I receive questions on this weekly and we hear about it often in the nightly news, so we’ll jump right in and show you how you can look this up to see what they are saying. 

As a bit of background, I’d like to note that back in the 1950’s, television first drastically changed the communication techniques of politicians. This was a huge shift as politicians were no longer only in newspapers and radio, but transported right into everyone’s living room through their TV. 

In fact, the 1960 presidential debate between Republican Vice President Richard Nixon and Democratic senator John F. Kennedy was the very first to be televised. Oh boy did that create an entirely new dynamic for how politicians dressed, their body language, even their hand gestures used. 

The next technology to alter the way politicians communicated their messages was with the internet. It ramped up in the early 2000’s as politicians would have their messages on websites. 

Today the paradigm shift is being caused from politicians now utilizing Twitter and other social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube to provide direct communication out to their constituents. 

Now you no longer have to tune in at a special time or wait for your Sunday newspaper. With a few clicks, you can connect with them online and receive their communications on Twitter any time they send one out. You’re able to learn more about their view points, travel schedule and events like we’ve never experienced before in history! 

How to See a Politician’s Communication on Twitter

Look Up Them Up on Twitter

  • Open up your internet browser and go to
  • In the search bar type in the politician’s name and then “on Twitter.”
  • For example, I will type in “Canadian Prime Minister on Twitter.” 

  • Next click on the first option to see their communications on the social media site, Twitter. Please see example page below. So you would click on in the search results. 
  • When you open up the page, you’ll notice in the middle that you are able to see his latest communication which often will include photos and videos. 

Why They Use Twitter

  1. Politicians use Twitter to get their messages out into the public. 
  2. They may use it as an alternative method of communications as they find the mainstream press not giving them media coverage. 
  3. They may use it to change their image or respond directly to world events and situations. 

Facts About Politics & Social Media

  • Politicians must have a verified account which you can see by the blue round symbol and white check mark inside. 
  • If an account does not have this verification symbol then it may be fraudulent. 
  • You do not have to sign up for a Twitter account in order to see a politician’s communication. You can simple look them up in Google to go to their page.  
  • If you would like to receive Twitter communications from any politician, then you can sign up for a free Twitter account at